Extra Large Kraft Carry Pack

Product Code 5430074A


Our Kraft food carry packs tick all the boxes for sustainable food-to-go packaging, as they are both compostable and recyclable. Constructed from durable kraft board, these boxes will ensure the contents remain well protected when being transported.

This product comes flat pack and has a simple, yet effective pop & lock system requiring minimal storage, but also fast assembly time, to ensure maximum efficiency for serving. In addition, the sturdy handle ensures ease of transportation when on the go.

The versatile nature of these carry packs allow storing anything from cold food items to hot meals. The material allows for heated products of up to 90°C; this in combination with the aligning foldable corners, allows for the retention of heat, ensuring the food inside is kept hotter and fresh for a longer duration. Ideal for picnics, hampers and lunch boxes.

Key product features:

• Easy to carry with durable handles.
• Strong board keeping your food protected.
• Kraft board gives a more eco, natural look.
• Can house a wide range of food products, with anything from cold food to hot food of up to 90°C.
• If housing hot food, the aligning foldable corners keep the product hotter and fresher for longer.
• Strong design allows for greater portion sizes to be held inside.
• Recyclable and compostable.
• Easy assembly and storage.

Dimensions: 295 x 210 x 150mm